Sunday, May 25, 2008

Basic Grey Precision file set and K&Company Blue Awning line

Basic Grey Precision File Set is a huge wow factor! Do you love to play with chipboard shapes or books? Order your set from All Moments Remembered Store.

The Basic Grey Precision File Set is the best all-in-one file and distress kit available. The set is compact, inexpensive, versatile, and is a major time and stress saver for any project.

The Basic Grey Precision File Set includes:- Two Flat Large Board Files- Round File- Half-Round File- Square File- Knife File.

This set is a must-have for all crafters, especially those who love to work with chipboard. I was introduced to this product at a crop while I was making a large Halloween garland out of wooden ghost, bat, and other spooky shapes. I was preparing for the long task of tracing my shapes to be cut out when I was shown a whole new and easy way! This set makes covering any shape or size a breeze!

It takes just three easy steps...

Cut a piece of paper to the size and rough shape of your element to be papered. (Don't be exact!)

Using Mod Podge (or your sealer/glue of choice) cover your shape completely and adhere the paper to your shape and let dry.

Using the file sets file the excess paper off of the edges of your shape.

Simple as that!

The files that are included in the Basic Grey Precision File Set come in 5 variations which makes it so versatile and allows you to reach into those nooks and crannies that you never could before! The smallest shapes can be covered in minutes and are left with perfectly smooth edges. No more large sanding blocks, or tiny pieces of sand paper that can't fit into small detail areas... with this set the stress of creating perfectly papered pieces disappears!The set is also great for distressing the elements of your project to give that vintage look and feel. The knife file gives a great torn edge look to any paper, and with the file variations you can create numerous distress patterns on chipboard, paint, photos, etc.Each file has a comfort grip that makes them easy and comfortable to use. The set is also small and lightweight enough that all 6 files can be stored in their original tube or in a travel toothbrush holder! The set is easy to stow away on your craft table or tuck into your bag or crop case. This critique was written by Meredith Taylor.

Have you explored the All Moments Remembered Store lately? We have added lots of new products and a preorder section. Come take a look around we are sure you will find lots of great products to fill your shopping cart with.

K&Company Blue Awning line is simply gorgeous! Some of the double sided papers have glitter on the design which just adds such a pop to the paper. The embellishments (some shown here more in the store) are incredible. The beaded brads picture does nothing to showcase them as they should be. They are beautiful and a must have with this collection. I love the journaling tablet too. If you are looking for a fantastic new line to add to your collection this one has my vote hands down!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and getting to spend it with those you love!!


Kelli said...

Woohooo, I ordered me some Blue Awning! LOVE IT!

inara said...

thanks for the precision file tips, I have them and haven't really known what the heck to do with them. Now I know!!!

Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Looks great Stacey. Thanks for letting us know you can special order items.

Linda said...

I've had my BG file set for a year now, I use it everytime I scrap. Awesome. I'm just about ready for another set too...know where I can find one.