Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 just some things from it.....

First layout tearing paper for it. Changed the journaling but now can't find the right picture. But journaled the story of infertility and the dreams we had and accomplished.

Had fun trying the strips of papers with journaling on it for my sons sweet picture.

Started a family tree album, okay so the coffee machine blew up and spilled all over all the other pages to this book so now all I have is the cover. Some day I plan to get a new book and start over. Don't you love October Afternoon?

Using my cricket to cut things for this page. Also just adding things to see how much I could put on this page.

So simple. I still just love these pictures.

Stress reducing card making. I am now addicted to house mouse stamps! Plan to see lots more of these stamped cards from me in 2009.

An Random book I made. Just took pictures that I liked, did not go in a theme or anything. So each page is it's own story. There is my father inlaw in the one page with the two little ones. He passed this summer. We all still miss him so much. A couple weeks ago without thinking I called his house and got the this number is no longer in service. Broke my heart all over again. Kinda wild you can dial a phone number without thinking about it.

My going to be 20 yr old daughter many years ago. She is now living back in the same town as us and is doing fantastic.

My son doing what he loves best! He is so musical and plays so many instruments.

A watercolor stamped card. Used a mini mister to spray the stamp before I stamped it on the paper. Tim Holtz stamps and tech I learned from him.

Birthday Explosion box I made for a friend. Have not made one since, I might have to work on one again.

WOW I finally got to meet Tim Holtz! He is even wicked cool in person! I admire his talent. He posted on my blog once this past year and sent me over the moon. Amazing person.

From Left to right..... Julie, Heather, Me and Jenn...
Finally got to meet Heather in person after almost a year of talking on the phone, emailing, and working together on kits and crops for my website. It was a dream come true. Jenn was one of my DT girls and I so enjoyed meeting her too. Both girls made me laugh so much and made my whole cha trip a blast. Julie is a dt for Clear Scraps and also a member on my message board. Got to meet her and hang out a tiny bit. I hope we get to hang out a lot more next time and get to know each other. Julie is a very sweet person and I am glad I got the chance to meet her.

You wont believe this... This and 5 carts was a gift from my message board. They all chipped in and sent me a beautiful Cricket as a gift just because they love me. I was so touched and still every time I use it think of all of them. Amazing ladies to do something like this for a person they have never met. I have been blessed with the sweetest most caring girls on my message board. They do things for each other too that bring tears to my eyes. Very loving group!!

Became friends with this super sweet lady, Leslie. Leslie survived one cancer and now is fighting 8 brain tumors. I pray many times a day for her and ask anyone reading this if you pray please pray for her to be healed. Pray for her loving family to have strength to help her through all of this. Pray that Leslie's veins hold up for the chemo treatments. I appreciate any prayers or well wishes you send her way.

Got to have a message board girl stay at my house. Grammy b other wise known as Brenda. Okay so it was the flat version on her but she was here. I made her coffee and coffee cake her first morning with us. Doesn't she look fantastic? You can not see it in this picture but this woman is sporting some BLING!!!
Hey Brenda, need some ramen? :)

Got to meet Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian on my first trip to CHA. All these years I thought I was tall... Ran into both of them at the next CHA and they remembered me or at least humored me! Ali is one of the coolest people out there. The second time i met her we got to talk more and I think she is so real and so awesome. No airs about that lady. She is pregnant right now and looking so cute. What a year!!

This is my friend Rita. She was my " Driver" from the airport. LOL Long story but when she held up that sign welcoming me Ali thought it was for Stacy Julian at the airport. I busted through and said NOPE sorry it's MY DRIVER. Rita was a real sport playing it off for me. :) Rita was the best taking me to my hotel and around town. We giggled a ton and just had a great time. Rita has had a surgery this year that took it's toll on her. I hope 2009 brings her happiness and good heatlh.
I hope to post more things I loved about 2008 in the next few days. The economy might have been horrible but I can say my account is full of the best friends ever from my MB!! 2008 has been so much fun.
Started a kit club that was always sold out and ended it in the years time. Boy how come no one told me how hard kit clubs are? It was fun while it lasted. We did have some of the most beautiful kits thanks to Heather Prins. We had fun crops, great scrap chats and just a wonderful time.
Thanks to everyone who has made AMR the success it is! I could not do it without you..
OHHHHH did I mention I opened a store front? Yep two months ago I did it. Loving having people to talk to in person sometimes. I am so blessed to be living my dreams.
How was your 2008?


Anonymous said...

Having trouble posting..but I'll try once more ... thanks for a great look back on 2008 and looking forward to an even better 2009. I wish you success in the new year! You're layouts are awesome and you should post more of them !!! Loved seeing some of your work!

Anonymous said...

It was an amazing year!